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4 april birthday horoscopeFor example, the rat has been chosen to represent midnight, because it becomes active at night.
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sep 21 birthday astrologyNeptune in pisces can bring escapism (zoning out on that ipad. He isn't an overly emotional sign, but clearly has convictions that govern his life.
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lifes journey path

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the number 7 in numerologyEach column contains two chinese characters, a total of eight. The time and place you are born have an ever lasting effect on your entire life, as does your name.
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number 11 life path compatibilitySerious, steadfast, seductive. This is a summarized picture, a real compatibility reading is needed to judge a real relationship.
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angel numerology 844They may become overly aggressive or competitive to compensate. Symbols with decimal numerical notation, that is shown in the following table.